Serving, Equipping, & Edifying.

Minda St. Church of Christ is a congregation of the Lord’s Church that was established at this location in 1979 by our Minister Emeritus, Dr. Tony Roach and his wife Candyce. Over the years, we have beheld God’s bountiful blessings in the ordination of a strong Leadership, the addition of many faithful members through baptism, and the building of our current church facility. In October of 2016, the congregation experienced a changing of the guards and Ian Nickerson became the Evangelist of the congregation. With the continued support of the Minister Emeritus and the elders of the church, Minda Street continues to thrive.

We believe wholly in the power of God working through His Holy Spirit, in the lives of the collective body, as well as the individual. Since the Love of God has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5), we can’t help but love. Love is the motivation behind everything that we do and say. God is love and so are we, and all who enter the doors of our church will be loved, and encouraged to love. Here at the Minda Street Church of Christ, we can Serve you, Equip you, and Edify you.  We can See you at Minda.

Childcare Services

We have the Minda Street Child Development Center for children 6 months to Pre-K. To inquire call 325.676.0500

Youth Worship

Not only can we minister to you but your children too!

Our Process


Become Part of the Family by placing membership or through baptism.
(Acts 2:38)

Phase 2

Gain a Sure Foundation, Commit to weekly worship, and make a commitment to serving others.

Phase 3

Assessing your Values.

Learn to reorient your values in this 12 to 18-month course. Learn to doSMALL GROUP worship in a home or hospital room of a church member, when needed.

Phase 4

Grow Your Roots

Discover God’s Purpose For Your Life with our help.

Phase 5

Become Rock Solid

The Missing Ingredient - The Holy Spirit. Learn with us how to incorporate the spirit of the lord into your life.

Mission Work

We help those in need around the world. You can be a part of these efforts.

Helping Others

We constantly are finding ways we can help our local Abilene community. 

We are INTENTIONAL in targeting your spiritual growth and development. You can grow out of your OLD SELF and into your NEW SELF and become more SPIRIT led than ever before. In about three years a new Christian at Minda Street should be able to effectively teach in one of our Bible classes.

Youth Track

Growing in God isn't just for the adults. We offer a specialized youth growth track to keep the younger generation engaged.

Age Appropriate Classes 

For ages 6 months through College to learn the Core Values of Jesus through 52 Bible Stories a Year.


Students Get to Serve Food to the Community With Their Family. Serving others is spiritually forming!  

Monthly Youth Activities

Socialize, Learn & Grow With Other Youth and Youth Workers through activities and devotionals. 

Spiritual Road Trips

The Youth Attends at Least One or More Sanctioned Event Each Year. Whether it’s the National Youth Conference or the National Youth Vocal Camp they Will Benefit in a Spiritual Way.

Youth Chorus

Bring Your Youth and Allow Them the Opportunity to Minister to Others Through Song. Learn New Songs and Gain Greater Confidence.

New Self

Along the Way Your Child Too, Will Learn to Identify Their Old Self and Will be Taught to Live in Their New Self!