2/6/22 Forsaken By His Followers

Scripture: John 6:60-71
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

Life will put you in a place where you want to break up with God.

What will cause 12,000 people to quit on Jesus?
1. They give up on Jesus because they are dissuaded by the difficulties of discipleship.
Being a disciple doesn’t grant you immunity from the struggles of life.
Your greatest struggle as a disciple will be with God and His word….Walking with God ain’t easy!
2. They were fixated on feeding their flesh
You can feed every desire of the flesh and still not be alive
What you need you can only get from your relationship with Jesus Christ
3. They missed the meaning and the message of the miracles
Every miracle Jesus does help to believe who He is
How do I know I can trust God? His history is good with me!
Every miracle God has worked in your life is meant to build your trust

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