1/15/23 Blood on Your Hands

Scripture: Exodus 4:19-26
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. Fathers protect your children
  2. Moses thought that his assignment exempted him
  3. God tells Moses to go to Egypt to do what He told him to do
  4. God seeks to kill Moses because he did not circumcise his oldest son Gershom.
  5. The only people in a coveted relationship with God were the Jews and there are two ways to become a jew a) by birth b) by circumcision
  6. Circumcision is the identifying mark of an Israelite male. It needs to happen on the 8th day after birth.
  7. You must be baptized if you want to make heaven your home
  8. Moses is Jewish. His wife is not. Israelite blood doesn’t run in her veins, so her two sons are not born Jewish. By failing to circumcise them, Moses has failed to identify them as Israelites who are the covenant seed of Abraham. He is moving them without them being identified as Israelites.
  9. v. 23 God told Moses that Pharaoh would not let his people go, and God was going to take the firstborn of people who are not Israelite. Since Gershom was not identified as an Israelite, he would be taken as the firstborn since he’s not identified as a Jew.
  10. The anger of God is kindled against us when we do not prioritize the protection of our children.
  11. We are under assignment to protect and prepare our children

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