1/22/23 Prayer Changes Things

Scripture: Acts 12:5-16
Minister Emeritus: Dr. Tony Roach, Sr.

  1. Amen Principle A Matthew 6:9-12 M Acts 12:5-16 E Daniel 10:10-14 N Hebrews 1:14
  2. Prayer Macro Strategy gives 7 principles Jesus demonstrated in His own life
  3. The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing!
  4. It’s the single most important relationship with God
  5. ​You can stay in a state of prayer 24/7
  6. ​Acts 12:5-16
  7. Prayer changed Peter’s life forever Acts 12:11
  8. ​Prayer changed the whole church Acts 12:11-15
  9. Prayer changed the view of angels Acts 12:7-8, 11, 16
  10. ​Angels are sent from God and work in conjunction with your prayer
  11. ​Why are you astonished when God answers your prayer? Because you need to maintain your relationship with God. Your single most important relationship with God helps you deal with your challenges
  12. Three Realms of Prayer: 1. The Heavenly Realm where God, Christ, Holy Spirit and Angels dwell, 2. Seen Realm-human beings, Holy Spirit, 3. Unseen Realm-Angelic beings, Ministering Spirits
  13. Hebrews 1:14
  14. Daniel 10:1-5
  15. ​When God gives you something, sometimes what He’s giving you and what you’re asking, you may have to suffer
  16. Daniel 10:10-14
  17. ​Understand the word that I speak to you-Daniel 10:11
  18. ​When I’m in my single most important relationship with God, it activates the power of God in my life
  19. ​Daniel had been given a vision by God that was so powerful that demonic spirits tried to stop it. However, Michael the archangel was sent down to stop the demonic spirits
  20. Prayer changed Daniel forever
  21. Whatever you’re prayer for, hold the confession of your prayer until your prayer manifests
  22. ​Trust the Holy Spirit: Acknowledge, Ask and Abide

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