1/9/22 Evangelism: Evidence of True Christianity

Scripture: James 5:19-20
Preacher: Eric Mallet

  1. The primary theme of James is dealing with practical religion and how it manifests itself in good works, contrasted with just profession of faith. In other words, true religion vs false religion.
  2. Religion can be understood as a set of beliefs, worshipping, or a discipline of worship to a God or diety. In other words, one’s beliefs and lifestyle in worship of a God whom they serve
  3. True Christianity shows joy and patience in the midst of trials. It shows unwavering faith and singleness of mind. True Christianity endures temptation James 1:12
  4. True Christianity forsakes all elvil, and receives the engrafted work which can save our souls James 1:21
  5. Fake Christianity is being careless or forgetful in the hearing of the word of God James 1:22-24. It’s associated with an unbridled or untamed tongue James 1:26
  6. Fake Christianity is partial obedience to God’s laws and precepts James 2:10-12. It’s having intellectual assent to truth without change to our character James 2:19-20

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