10/16/22 Faith That Seems Ridiculous in Year 43

Scripture: Joshua 6:1-20
Minister Emeritus: Dr. Tony E. Roach, Sr.

  1. The word ridiculous indicates that something doesn’t make sense, it’s crazy.
  2. You need the kind of faith that seems ridiculous but is not
  3. RISK: Ridiculous Faith (Joshua 6:1-5), Impossible Faith (Joshua 6:6-11), Supernatural Faith (v. 11-20), Keep the faith (Joshua 6:20-23)
  4. Ridiculous faith is in the bible but we don’t talk about it much
  5. You can doubt in ridiculous faith
  6. You can have ridiculous faith and question God
  7. David had ridiculous faith when he went up against Goliath the giant
  8. Ridiculous faith cause the Hebrew boys to go in the fiery furnace and not question it. Daniel went into the lions den with ridiculous faith
  9. Esther, Paul, Stephen, Paul..had ridiculous faith.
  10. 1. Faith is your victory, I John 4:5; 2) Faith is evidence not seen; 3) Without faith you cannot please God; 4) Faith must be mixed with faith;
  11. 5) Faith causes things that aren’t as though they were; 6) Ridiculous faith has the power to heal
  12. Faith to believe that you can overcome!
  13. Joshua 6:1-5
  14. If you are going to get your blessing, if God says something in the word, you must follow him.
  15. Ridiculous faith is the type of faith that believes. Some will doubt you, laugh at you and think you are crazy.
  16. The faith that keeps the faith. Keep the promise. Keep the faith!
  17. Minda’s ridiculous faith: The miracle of Minda street

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