10/2/22 Tell it

Scripture: Psalm 78:1-8
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. Pay attention to the word of God!
  2. Tell what you already know to the generations coming behind you
  3. v. 4 Tell the younger generation that I am worthy of their praise
  4. God is worthy of our adoration and gratitude!
  5. Praising is pleasing to the Lord!
  6. When it comes to praising God, there are two different kinds of praisers
  7. Palm branches were a sign of military rebellion
  8. In Matthew there were palm branches, but not in Luke’s account
  9. You get two different crowds: a crowd that praises God in expectation of what He’s going to do, and a crown that praises Him for who He is
  10. Praise Him because He’s the King of Kings, the Creator of heaven and earth!
  11. God doesn’t have to do anything else for you to praise Him
  12. When you know who He is, you will never run out of reasons to praise Him
  13. He is!
  14. He is worthy of our praise!
  15. Isaiah 41:10
  16. Tell the next generation about the strength of the God you serve
  17. God’s power and greatness being active assistance to his people. His wonderful works
  18. God will assist you!
  19. When you have God on your side, he will put a path to where you need to go

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