10/2/23 Kingdom Focus, Generational Mindset

Scripture: Acts 1:1-3; 2:37-39
Preacher: Elder Randy Jackson, Sr.

  1. ​​The kingdom of God revolves around relationships. Our praise is an articulation of our relationship with God
  2. ​​The depth of my relationship speaks to the depth of my worship.
  3. ​​Kingdom of God is everything we teach is an application to God
  4. If the church does not go, the kingdom does not come. The church is the authorized agent of the kingdom of God
  5. ​​There was a focus on the kingdom before the delivery of the promise
  6. ​​Acts 1:3
  7. Kingdom focuses produces a generational promise or mindset
  8. Acts 2:37-39 it is a generational message. Note: The promise is for you (Generation 1) your children (Gen 2), and those after
  9. ​​Kingdom focus switches our thinking from an individual mindset to a collective mindset
  10. ​​Salvation as always been a generational mindset in the mind of God
  11. To be kingdom focused is to realize when God saved me, It was God’s vision for my life to save me as an individual and to save my family and lineage
  12. ​​It’s impossible to be kingdom focused and not have a generational mindset
  13. ​​But it is possible to have a generational mindset and not be kingdom focused
  14. Two mindsets: 1. Te be me focused 2. To be we focused
  15. ​​You need to realize my pursuit in the person and presence of God and by submitting to God is to experience the Kingdom of God in the here and now
  16. ​​It’s a shift from what can I get to what can I give
  17. ​​Acts 2:44-45
  18. ​​In order to be generational is has to be produced from a kingdom focus
  19. What is the importance of the generational mindset (from the Bible)?
  20. When the Bible talks about it, we can start thinking about it from God himself and the importance of his kingdom and understanding the generational mindset.
  21. The God of Abraham, God of Isaac and Jacob
  22. Emphasizes the covenant God made with the Israelites as His chosen people
  23. The Abraham covenant to 3 different generations. Promise of land, many descendents and blessings
  24. God is calling us out of something to something
  25. There’s a relationship between father and son in each case which is important. Through each relationship, there is a promise of land, descendants, and blessings
  26. ​​God is clearly distinguishing himself among another God’s in Egypt.
  27. ​​God vowed that the children of Abraham (Gen 1) would inherit a certain area. God’s faithfulness and Israel’s blessing was tied to Israel’s promise land to harken back to the covenant with Abraham
  28. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has a plan for the ages
  29. ​​The only way to understand the plan is to be kingdom focused with a generational mindset
  30. ​​The blessing we are receiving from God is a direct link to the promise God made to Abraham
  31. ​​Every generation must recognize their roll and function in time. Know why you are here at this time.
  32. Generational principle-There must be a continuity of legacy
  33. ​​Continuity-the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time. A state of stability.
  34. Passing it on to the next generation isn’t just young people. It’s who’s the next in line
  35. ​​It’s not about age, but the commitment to the kingdom of God

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