10/23/22 I’m Free

Scripture: Romans 8:1-4
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. You do not have to live in the pain of your past. Through Christ Jesus, you are free!
  2. ​You can be free from that bondage, you can change! God can change anyone!
  3. Change is possible!
  4. ​I am not perfect, however, the Lord has brought me from a mighty long way!
  5. I’m not what I use to be because the Lord has changed my life!
  6. ​By the power of Jesus Christ you can change anything in your life!
  7. ​The enemy convinces us that when we make a commitment to change, we fail time and time again. He convinces us that that’s just who we are.
  8. ****Homework: Read Romans chapters 5, 6, 7 and 8*****
  9. ​In Romans 5-8, Paul is giving testimony to the reality that you can change
  10. We can be free from 1. the penalty. of sin 2 the power of sin 3 presence of sin
  11. ​being free from the penalty of sin is to be justified
  12. Romans 6:23
  13. Whenever you sin, there are 2 inevitable consequences 1. damage 2 debt
  14. The damage is what is done to your or another persons spirit, soul or body. The debt is what is owed to God
  15. Sin is good in the beginning but makes you sick in the end
  16. ​Some damage gets better with time
  17. Jesus paid for me when I could not pay for myself! He paid my debt!
  18. While we were yet sinners, Christ came and died for our sins. He paid it all!
  19. Justified-just as if it had never happened
  20. ​I can live just as if I have never made that mistake
  21. I have the right to act like it never happened!
  22. ​I am free from the penalty of sin. I am justified!
  23. ​Not only am I justified, but I am free from the power of sin. I’m sanctified!
  24. When you are justified, The Holy Spirit is inside of you to work in you and with you
  25. ​The fact that you can feel convicted after you’ve done wrong is a sign that the Holy Spirit is bringing you back to righteousness
  26. Flesh wants sin, spirit wants righteousness
  27. We are free from the penalty of sin!
  28. ​And sanctified free from the power of sin
  29. ​Whenever there is suffering, there must be glory!
  30. ​God is always preparing us for glory on the other side of what we are dealing with right now!
  31. Romans 8:18
  32. We are invited to the party of glory! We can start getting ready now. We can’t stay in bondage and in fear. We are going to the party free
  33. I’m justified, I’m being sanctified, and I will be glorified!

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