12/11/22 Mind Your Own Business

Scripture: Luke 2:25-35; 39-46
Minister Emeritus: Dr. Tony Roach, Sr.

  1. Jesus expresses the burden and presence of His existence. He must be about His father’s business
  2. What Jesus was dealing was about the business of discovering and finding His gift
  3. During the gift journey….mind your own business
  4. 1. It takes a whole village to raise a child.
  5. ​Jesus’s gift was sandwiched through 2 key verses. Luke 2:4
  6. Luke 2:42
  7. Discover your gift, find what your gift is and people will come to you because of your gift
  8. Proverbs 18:16 A person’s gift will open doors for them and bring them in contact with the right people with the right sources at the right time
  9. You’re gift is under attack
  10. When you don’t know what your gift is, you neglect, ignore, act like it don’t exist and bother you when you see someone else doing something when you have the gift to help them
  11. That is your gift calling you to help people. Your gift was given to help and bless other people
  12. You can be excelling but your gift can help you soar to fulfill your human potential
  13. ​What is your gift?
  14. Your gift is the single thing that you do, at your absolute best, with the least amount of effort to show God’s power to proclaim His name and to make known His glory!
  15. Your gift is for the glory of God!
  16. 5 Stations of the gift journey
  17. Your gift leads to your calling, your calling leads to your purpose and your purpose leads to your destiny which is the glorification of God!
  18. On your gift journey, you have someone that guide you and you can communicate with. It’s the Holy Spirit
  19. 1. Gift awakening-what you do at your absolute best with the least amount of effort
  20. Your gift is what your best at and your talents are what you’re good at.
  21. Your destiny leads to your destination
  22. isaiah 43:7
  23. Jesus is the model for our gift journey
  24. When you understand your gift, it changes your perspective
  25. 2. Gift story-What is something that you were best at as a child that came naturally to you?
  26.  3. Gift calling-describe a time in your young lift when you did something very well
  27. 4. Gift career-Which Career opens more doors of opportunity for you Cognitive, Communicative, or Coordinative?
  28. 5. Gift purpose-what purpose in life helps you best use your gift to show God’s power, to proclaim His name and make known His glory
  29. Gift awakening- 1 Peter 4:10
  30. Gift story-2 Tim. 1:6
  31. Gift calling-Gal. 1:15
  32. Gift career-Pro. 18:16
  33. Gift purpose-Eph 3:7
  34. Reasons many people never fulfill and find their gift: neglect it, take it for granted, violate it, ignore it, settle for not knowing it, sabotage it.
  35. Many people are afraid to intentionally seek to find their Gift, because when you find your Gift you will be compelled to fulfill it, and that’s frightening!

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