12/19/21 Interactive: Create Your Own Sermon Title

Scripture: Mark 16:6-7
Evangelist: Ian D. Nickerson

  1. God can change anybody.
  2. We are all going to stumble and fall at some time in our lives. Romans 7:27, whenever I want to go evil is present.
  3. Mark 14 Peter has stumbled time and time again…have you? He (Peter) thought about it and wept bitterly.
  4. Satan troubles you with a guilty conscience. Satan tries to get you through a guilty conscience and the consequences of the sin.
  5. And Peter….And (insert your name)
  6. My calling is not cancelled. Nobody is worthy. The word of the Lord shoes us that if we are struggling, we need to worship. I am more than the mistakes I make, the sin I committed
  7. Trust and believe that all your faults can be forgiven

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