2/20/22 The Courage to Trust the Holy Spirit

Scripture: John 14:12-18
Minister Emeritus: Bro. Tony Roach, Sr.

Jesus lives today in the person of the Holy Spirit. You must have the faith that the Holy Spirit is Jesus with us today.

5 Tests in Trusting the Holy Spirit Luke 3:21-22; 4:1-21
a. Receiving Luke 3:21-22
b. Filling Luke 4:1
c. Leading Luke 4:1; 2-13
d. Empowering Luke 4:14-15
e. Anointing Luke 4:18-21

There are 5 tests you must pass in trusting the Holy Spirit
a. The first test is designed to distract you from your trust in the Holy Spirit Luke 4:1-4
b. The second test is designed to discombobulate your trust in worshipping in spirit and in trust Luke 4:5-8
c. The third test is designed to cause us to dishonor your trust in angels: Ministering Spirits Luke 4:9-12; Psalms 91:11-12
d. The fourth test is designed to cause you to disqualify your trust in the anointing of the Holy Spirit Luke 4:13; 18
e. The fifth test of trusting is depending on the Holy Spirit going forward knowing angels will be you Luke 4;13; Matthew 4:11

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