2/26/23 I Believe God

Scripture: Acts 27:20-25
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. Storms will show up, but if you hang in there and not give up, this too will pass!
  2. Sometimes, the ship you’re on will fall apart
  3. v.22 The ship won’t make it, but you will!
  4. My hand isn’t on the ship, but God’s hand is on you
  5. Stay consistent in your Christianity
  6. The problem is that Christianity is the casualty of crisis
  7. ​We need to be consistent in our Christianity! Allow your Christianity to shine in the center of the crisis!
  8. Be consistent with what God called you to do
  9. The devil wants the crisis to change your character. Don’t let the devil win!
  10. No matter the storm, don’t go back to your old self
  11. ​Make the decision that your Christianity will be the center of the crisis
  12. No devil, or test of my faith will change me
  13. Sometimes, God needs you to open your eyes to winter has come. The good news, when things don’t work out, you still will!
  14. ​While you still have a chance, give your life to God
  15. Claiming the name of Jesus but you are not serving him.
  16. ​I believe God based on what I know about God and what He’s told me
  17. ​I believe God. If he says it, I believe it!

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