4/16/23 A Proactive Response to Pains, Failures, and the Will of God

Scripture: Matthew 26:36-46
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. What makes God so great is that before any Test shows up on the calendar of your life we serve a God who has been in the process of preparing you for what is coming so that whatever the test, God has already equipped you for what you’re about to go through
  2. No matter what is coming down the road I want you to know that God has been proactive in preparing you
  3. God has strengthened you. God has put you put the tools in your hand. God has given you the resources. God has a way of getting you ready before the exam.
  4. Through God’s Love Bank develop by Dr. Roach, we have tools that can help us.The prayer macro strategy to prepare you to have a working relationship with God and the Holy Spirit that you learn how to pray because later on down the road you’re gonna need some prayer time with the Lord.
  5. The AMEN principle where you learn how to utilize God’s word because you need to be able to go to the word of God for yourself and see what thus said the Lord
  6. Opening and closing of spirits because your feelings get hurt sometimes and you got to learn how to keep your spirit open and listen. You’re going to hurt somebody’s feelings sometimes and you need to learn how to help open somebody’s spirit
  7. God is a proactive God, he is a preparing God, he’s always getting you ready for something greater that’s coming down the road
  8. There comes a moment in every child of God’s life when you got to deal with the stuff that’s dealing with you
  9. You gotta stand toe-to-toe with yourself and recognize that there is some pain in your heart
  10. You need to deal with the pain or you will never move on in the things of God until you acknowledge that you’ve been hurt and you got to deal with that thing
  11. You need to get over your past pains
  12. You have to get over the faults and failures of family and friends.
  13. I feel the power of God strengthening me for whatever is in front of me when you get past the pain and deal with
  14. Whatever it is it’s all right I can get through this thing he will lift you up he will give you strength
  15. What it is that God has for you to do he’ll give you the strength to go do it

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