4/23/23 Don’t Do That

Scriptur4e: John 8:2-12
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. Nobody is qualified to judge.
  2. ​If you know you’re a sinner you have no authorization to condemn someone else.
  3. Isaiah 64:6
  4. God is righteous outside of the blood of Jesus
  5. The word of God is not to scope out others shortcomings but its a mirror to reflect your own things
  6. Your sin is in the dirt somewhere
  7. ​1. Don’t do that because your not qualified to do that
  8. Don’t be a pharisee!
  9. 2. Don’t do that because its not a on Jesus’ agenda
  10. Galatians 6
  11. Spiritual, restore, gentleness
  12. You have to be spiritual
  13. You have to restore and not expose
  14. Great things happen when you cast people in the care of Jesus
  15. When you pray great things happen
  16. God can look behind faults and change a life
  17. The forgiveness of sin is a miracle

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