4/25/21 When Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter

Scripture: Matthew 24:3-14
When Black lives matter, the Gospel of the Kingdom matters, and must be preached as our testimony.
When Black lives matter, the Spirit, Soul, and Body Matters! God’s definition of man-Gen. 1:26-27; 2:7. We are three-fold spiritual beings. We are a Spirit, we have a Soul, and live in the Body! We are God’s Love Bank!
When Black lives matter, the new miracles matters! Jesus is the remedy for racism! Ephesians 2:13-22; 4:22-24
When Black lives matter, the Holy Spirit matters! We must meet people at a well of common ground! John 4:7-15
Signs of the times and of the last day (Matthew 24:5-7
1. False teacher will deceive many people (v. 5)
2. Will hear of wars and rumors of war (v. 6)
3. Many people will be troubled (v. 6)
4. Races will fight against other races (v. 7)
5. There will be famines (people starving) (v. 7)
6. There will be pestilences (pandemics & viruses) (v. 7)
7. There will be earthquakes (global warming) (v. 7)

Seven reasons the gospel must be preached
1. Offences “Many will be offended: (v. 10)
2. Betrayal “Many will betray one another” (v. 10)
3. Hatred “Many will hate one another” (v. 10)
4. Apostasy “Many will fall away from Jesus” (v. 11)
5. Deception “Many will be deceived by others” (v. 11)
6. Lawlessness “Many will increase into more sin” (v. 12)
7. Cold Love “Many will stop loving and grow cold” (v. 12)

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