5/14/23 When Pursuing What God Has For Us

Scripture: Joshua 4:19-5:10
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. ​When pursuing what God has for us 1. Do’t be dismayed by obstacles 2. Don’t be discouraged by opposition 3. Don’t be dispirited by obedience
  2. ​When there is an obstacle in our way, our God in heaven has proved that he can remove obstacles and whatever is blocking our path
  3. ​As you are pursuing what God has for you, obstacles are inevitable but God shows himself strong
  4. God never promised an obstacle free journey. But He is a God that can open doors when they are closed.
  5. God will orchestrate an obstacle in your life
  6. It’s because Joshua 3 v. 24 all the people of the earth will know the hand of the Lord is mighty
  7. 2 Chronicles 16:9
  8. God is looking for someone to show himself strong
  9. God gives you obstacles so that He can show himself strong to someone else
  10. Not only will there be obstacles, but there will be oppositions
  11. Obstacles are things, oppositions are people that stand in your way
  12. ​Opposition is the price of favor
  13. There is no level of spiritual maturity you can reach where there will be no obstacles or oppositions
  14. God moves obstacles but He doesn’t move enemies
  15. Why God do you not move the people that are against me? Joshua 5:1. God says He won’t move them, but take their fight out of them. Put them in a place where they can see you but can’t hurt you.
  16. What makes God omnipotent, is not that He moves your enemies. What makes God omnipotent is that He makes your enemies impotent!
  17. God needs to know that whatever He asks, the response is Yes Lord
  18. ​As you are pursuing what God has for you, don’t be dismayed by obstacles or oppositions. Be encouraged!

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