5/2/21 Grace, Race, and the Church

Scripture: Ephesians 2:11-20

V. 11-22 talks about our new position in Christ Jesus. Paul is writing this in the context of the biggest racial divide: Jews & Gentiles. The uncircumcised were the Gentiles, and the circumcised were the Jews, but now, they both claim the same faith. Paul is telling them to come together and reconcile. How do we fix the racial tension? We are destined to be the championship church.

How to we get a new identity? Put on some new clothes to get a new identity. Change your location so we can live the life of racial reconciliation. Your yesterday can be so confined to how you were taught that you live in your racial prisons! You’re not free to live in the new environment. You are born again but not free because of your previous life has you in bondage. But God! But now!

Problems with Christians is that they are stuck in their old reality. Christians….we are married to Christ! We had an identity and positional change! You have to own your new position in Christ! Your previous identity is no longer your point of reference. this new identity and position is your starting point to everything. Including your relationship with one another and how you view yourself. You have to see others from your new identity and position in Christ and their new identity and position in Christ. In Galatians 2:20, Paul is saying I’m a Christian first! Christ is my point of reference now.

Get your Christianity right. You are a Christian first and your culture/color must adapt to Christ. Christ overrules our color/culture! We are connected to Christ!

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