5/29/22 Mission Possible: Thru Prayer and Fasting Part 2

Scripture: Luke 11:1-2; Matthew 6:9-10
Preacher: Bro. Randy Jackson

  1. The mission of God is to advance His kingdom here on earth.
  2. Our prayer is on assignment. It’s to become the will of. God here on earth.
  3. Our prayer life is to be reflective of the change God is wanting to bring about in this world. We are that change! We are to become the change we are praying for.
  4. ​In order to fulfill the assignment, it will require not only prayer alone, but fasting. The combo of prayer and fasting will allow the kingdom of God his full reign for his kingdom on earth.
  5. Fasting-the willful abstaining from the natural pleasures, for a spiritual purpose
  6. ​It’s also a personal commitment to renounce the natural to invoke the spiritual power in your life
  7. Fasting correctly orders our three-fold spiritual beings
  8. When we live in this world, we become influenced by wordly influences. The outside entity begins to create the person of the soul.
  9. Soul=mind, will, emotions
  10. The only thing to break that habit is a lifestyle that consists of prayer and fasting
  11. How fasting positively affects you: 1) Fasting brings Godly intimacy. Tabernacle means dwelling place. It was the means that God communicated with His people. Represented the means by which God’s presence was there. The presence was among them but not in them. ​In the tabernacle, the soul is the holy place. You experience God’s presence in the holy place. Our spirit portion is on the same level as the God we serve. The only part that can enter the being is our spirit. When we fast, it is our commitment of denying earth to taste of heaven where God dwells. Fasting allows us to deny earth and pursue heaven. Where we are able to have spiritual intimacy with God. 2) Fasting quiets the heart. ​It eliminates distractions that would distract us from our intimate relationship with God. It brings peace to the mind. ​Fasting calms the spirit and the spirit becomes more important than the functions of our body. Fasting our spirit person to calm, allows our minds to be at peace, and minimizes the circumstances and problems we face in our lives to be minuscule. When we fast, we experience peace and joy that allows us to be with the Holy Spirit. 3) Fasting increases your spiritual capacity. ​Some things can only occur and will require an increase in our spiritual capacity through fasting. God wants you to become His will in expanding His rule in your life. How do we expand our spiritual capacity? By praying and fasting. Fasting is a personal commitment. 4) Fasting breaks habits. Habits rob you of time that depletes what can otherwise be a spiritual replenishment in your soul. They are also a distraction from your walk with God that keeps you at a distance. our ability to receive from God will be predicated on your desire and how much you hunger for your relationship with God. Jesus fasted for 40 days, but afterward, He was hungry.
  12. There are some things we will encounter that we’ve been dealing with and haven’t been able to get over it. Some things will require prayer and fasting to accomplish it.
  13. Through fasting, hope you see your prayer life differently. And that you become the change for God.

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