6/11/23 When Pursuing What God Has For You

Scripture: Joshua 7:1-12
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson Sr.

  1. Do not be dismayed by obstacles
  2. Do not be discouraged by oppositions
  3. Don’t be disheartened by obedience
  4. Show up
  5. Shut up
  6. Stay up
  7. Cherish the call to community
  8. We are in this thing together
  9. Be faithful in your finances.
  10. 3 Problems: 1.Materialism-Tell yourself no! God does not like it when things have you. 2. Misuse of what you have. The money that God gives you is it a toy or a tool? 3. Made a mistake. Malachi 3:8. 1 Corinthians 5.
  11. When you give what is required to God, you will be blessed.

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