6/19/22 What to do when you can’t see no way out

Scripture: 2 Kings 6:8-16
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. There are no associations you can make that will keep you out of the struggles of life.
  2. There is no level of anointing of Godliness that will shield you from the realities of life.
  3. A good preacher will warn you about some stuff. He will indicate some aspects of life that you need to watch out for.
  4. When we don’t see the solutions for problems, worry has us asking what are we going to do
  5. Believers don’t need an answer, we have the answer!
  6. Jesus is the answer Jeremiah 12:13
  7. Don’t worry! In everything, while you’re in the situation pray, suffocate, and give thanksgiving!
  8. He might not bring you out of the situation, but He’ll give you peace while you are in it!
  9. Prayer and praise will give us peace in the midst of our problems
  10. God is not going to deliver you from every problem but will deliver you through your problem.
  11. Pray and praise Him in the midst of your situation.
  12. What do you do when you can’t see your way out…Do not fear!
  13. Do not fear what your physical eyes see. Because you need to replace what you see with what God says!
  14. Develop a divine perspective that yields a different perception
  15. Stop seeing your problems as problems but as opportunities for the Lord to prove His power 2 Chronicles 16:9
  16. Praise God even in the midst of your problems!
  17. Learn to feed on the faith of the faithful people around you!

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