6/26/22 Dealing with the Dilemma of Doubt

Scripture: John 20:29
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. What does it mean to have faith in God?
  2. ​It is possible to have faith that God is real but go through some circumstances where we will allow doubt to control us.
  3. Mark 9:14
  4. ​Lord I believe but help my unbelief!
  5. My God is real! I know God is real! I know he washed my sins away! I know he formed this world
  6. Tool of Thinking: Love deposits and withdrawals. Love deposit: All words, thoughts, feelings, actions, and deeds that I process in a spirit of faith, hope, love, purpose, and good news.
  7. Your faith can be met with a bout of doubt
  8. In John there are 3 cases of individuals who have a bout with doubt and an encounter with faith
  9. ​Case 1: Thomas John 20:24-29
  10. Some Christians will label you by their thought and not your faith
  11. Thomas doubted because he could not see it. Thomas wanted to see the prints of the nails in Jesus hands
  12. Thomas did not see the signs because Thomas was not there when Jesus showed the disciples his hands. Thomas was not at the meeting. He was not where he was suppose to be.
  13. Blessed are those who don’t need to see a sign but believe any way
  14. ​Don’t let what you haven’t see God do effect what God has done for you
  15. ​If God doesn’t do anything else for me, He has already done enough
  16. Case 2: Mary of Magdalean
  17. Mary’s doubt is rooted in what she says. She said she didn’t know where they laid him. She is looking for him and can’t find him
  18. Have you ever been in a place where you don’t know where the Lord is in your life?
  19. John 11 moments: Lord if you had been there…..
  20. ​I might not know where God is but He always knows where I am!
  21. Case 3: Peter.
  22. The grave clothes were in one place and the handkerchief that was on his face was folded. A folded cloth is evidence of a resurrection.
  23. Peter didn’t study the scriptures. The evidence that was before him confused him because he didn’t know the word.
  24. I don’t want to read what I can see. You won’t understand what you see unless you know what you read. The same is with the Bible.
  25. God speaks the message in church and then will show you

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