6/4/23 God’s Daily Purpose: Created to Do Good and to Show Good

Scripture: Ephesians 2:10
Preacher: Bro. Randy Jackson

  1. When we put off our old self, and walk these values out in our lives, we become the visible representation of the invisible God we serve
  2. We become the body of Christ-The visible representation of the invisible God
  3. Have you ever pondered the question, “What is my purpose?”
  4. What is my lifelong purpose?
  5. We have a lifelong purpose and were created by God that we also have a daily purpose that is as fulfilling as our lifelong purpose
  6. God created you and me to do good and show good. This is our daily purpose
  7. The God we serve is a God of purpose. He created everything that existed with a purpose
  8. He finishes it before He starts it
  9. We were created for His good
  10. John 12:23-27
  11. Jesus had a lifelong purpose. He also had a daily purpose in fulfillment of His lifelong purpose
  12. This purpose I came unto this hour. His purpose was to die on the cross. (Lifelong purpose).
  13. The only way we can fulfill His good is by doing good and showing good
  14. When I do good and show good, I am fulfilling the purpose God had for me before the foundation of the earth
  15. We can get discouraged if we don’t know our lifelong purpose which can prevent us from doing our daily purpose
  16. Don’t get discouraged. Our daily purpose is to show good and do good
  17. What’s the difference between doing good and showing good?
  18. Matthew 5:16
  19. What if I’m not engaged in doing good? Then there is no light to shine and they can’t see your good works
  20. If I’m not engaging and doing good, they are not able to see who God is
  21. So through the text we need to let our light so shine. How do we do that…we do good!
  22. Whenever you fulfill the purpose of God and do good, you show God’s power, proclaim God’s name, give God glory
  23. Galatians 6:9-10
  24. Let us not grow weary in doing good
  25. What causes things to reap? By doing good
  26. as you have opportunity….do good! There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t have opportunity
  27. Matthew 10:42
  28. If we fail to do good and show good, the world will never come to know the God we serve. We need to understand our daily purpose…do good and show good
  29. Acts 10:38
  30. The good God calls us to do is not by our own ability.
  31. Jesus was anointed with power and the Holy Spirit to go about doing good
  32. So the good we are to do, God has anointed us just like he did Jesus
  33. To show good-how you go about dealing with life’s problems and circumstances
  34. 2 Corinthians 4:7-11
  35. Our biggest challenge in fulfilling purpose is our own self imposed old self love mindset
  36. Whenever you fulfill the purpose of God and do good, you show God’s power, proclaim God’s name, make known God’s glory

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