7/2/2023 God’s Man Created Very Good with New Self Image

Scripture: Genesis 1:31-2:7
Preacher: Bro.Troy Tabor

  1. Everything God created, he created with a conversation. He said let there be, and it was!
  2. When God created man, he put his hand on it
  3. God spoke his work by faith. He said it and he saw it
  4. ​GOOD: G-He created us for his good (Genesis 1:2). O-Originate order (Genesis 1&2). O-Overcome by obedience (John 4:34). D-Demonstrated God’s dominion (Acts 1)
  5. God’s work relates to the spirit. Jesus’ work relates to the soul. The Holy Spirit’s work relates to the body
  6. God formed us from the dust of the ground
  7. God breathed into man the breath of life
  8. God’s breath was a part of him so we have a part of him in us. Everything else was made by conversation, he said it and it became. But for us, he put his hand on us.
  9. John 4:24 God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. You have to be real with God!
  10. Revelations 12:10

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