8/13/23 The 25/75 Principle

Scripture: Matthew 13:1-9
Minister Emeritus: Dr. Tony Roach, Sr.

  1. Why only 25% of churches and church leaders and members achieve their true full potential and how you can achieve yours
  2. 25% of people are pathway people
  3. Matthew 13:4
  4. ​​People who hear the word of God but don’t disciple themselves enough to get a good understanding!
  5. Rocky soil people! Matthew 13:5-6
  6. People who hear the word of God but don’t discipline themselves enough to grow and to develop roots!
  7. 25% Thorny soil people! Matthew 13:7
  8. ​​People who hear the word of God but they allow the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of riches and wealth to cause them to fizzle out!
  9. Jeremiah 9:23
  10. ​​People who hear the word and discipline themselves enough to obey and grow into maturity to achieve their full potential!
  11. ​​Jesus came to give us life more abundantly. He not only promised life but more abundantly
  12. ​​More=exceedingly beyond or to your fullest potential
  13. ​​God wants you to live your abundant life to your full potential
  14. Matthew 25:20-23
  15. How to listen to the Holy Spirit and listen to where he is leading you!
  16. ​​The one talent man did not own that you are God’s love bank
  17. Then you must build interest in the bank of your soul everyday 24/7

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