8/14/22 Donkeys, Detours, and Divine Intervention

Scripture: Numbers 22:21-27
Preacher: Bro. Freddie Famble, Jr.

  1. The instructions were plain, but God knows our heart!
  2. God’s instruction is plain and clear but because of the intents of our hearts sometimes people suffer
  3. Balaam made 3 mistakes
  4. 1.  Balam comprised
  5. When God tells us to do something, He is looking for total obedience
  6. 2 Peter 2:14-15
  7. There are things God says not to do but we want to compromise the word of God. That is not obedience!
  8. ​Digression-slow gradual departing away from the main stream
  9. When Balaam compromised it set him in obstacles he couldn’t see.
  10. God puts obstacles in your path to nudge you back on the path you should go. When we get outside of God’s will, God will put certain roadblocks in your path to get your attention!
  11. The roadblocks are designed for our protection and God’s praise
  12. Balaam’s donkey saw somethings that Balaam couldn’t see
  13. Prov. 1:24-28
  14. When trying to navigate your road block, don’t give someone else a beating for it!
  15. ​Others are trying to help you because they see what you can’t
  16. Balaam did two things that are right
  17. 1. Had to deal with confession. Once you recognize your mistake, repent and humble yourself
  18. ​2. He humbled himself and asked for forgiveness

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