8/20/23 If You’re Scared, Go Home

Scripture: Judges 7:3
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. ​​In Judges 2, Apostasy happens, people stop following after God
  2. ​​They are besieged by the enemy
  3. ​​Cry out to God
  4. Delivered by the Judge
  5. ​​They are at ease
  6. Gideon-when the Lord seeks him out, He finds him thrashing wheat in the winepress
  7. Why was Gideon doing that? He was afraid of the Medionites
  8. ​​God calls Gideon Judges 6 and calls Him a mighty man of valor
  9. God sees in you more that you often see in yourself, and more than others see in you
  10. God calls us based on what He knows we can be. We look better in God’s eyes than we look altogether
  11. ​​When God sees you, he knows how your life really looks. Even our righteousness looks like filthy rags. But God has a way to put a filter on us.
  12. God puts a filter on Gideon and calls him mighty man of valor. In Judges 6:13, Gideon questions God
  13. There is one thing wrong with Israel that’s causing so much pain. v. 10 You did not obey God’s voice
  14. ​​The one problem is that we are disobedient
  15. ​​Obedience ties into our value for the month-New Self Discipline
  16. ​​Like new self discipline, obedience is something we really don’t want to do.
  17. When we are encouraged to obey it’s because we are instructed to do something we don’t want to do or need to do. Because we are under authority we do it
  18. Whether want to or not
  19. ​​When we obey, we obligate God to look out for you and bless you
  20. When we accept God’s mission, there will be people that don’t understand, but if you stay focus on God, every obstacle or opposition, God will deal with it.
  21. ​​Where God guides, he will provide. We have to remain consistent and persistent
  22. ​​Nehemiah 6- he had some enemies that wanted him to come down from the wall. If he came down, it would’ve delayed the assignment God put in his hands which was to construct the wall
  23. The enemy works through distractions
  24. Distractions come in all forms, ways, and people
  25. ​​If you stay true to the assignment, God will take care of your flesh and circumstances
  26. Gideon accepts the assignment-Judges 6:14
  27. What Gideon had going for him (and applies to us to) that there is a God that can perform miracles. God can help him out
  28. ​​v. 22-24 Gideon built an alter. Which meant Gideon needs to get right with God
  29. When you make a decision God is going to be God, everything else not of God needs to go
  30. When you take on your assignment, you will create enemies and people won’t understand
  31. ​​Judges 7:2, there were to many people, and God commanded Gideon to ask if they are scared. If they are, go home
  32. ​​God commands him to reduce the number. 22,000 people left and went home
  33. And 10,000 remained. But God said that was still to many. Then God gave another test.
  34. Went down to the water, and those who lapped the water stay and those that get on their knees go home
  35. Dropped down to less than 1% of the people left and God still have them the victory!
  36. ​​You are a mighty person a valor and God sees it! You might not see it, but God does!
  37. The mission still matters! Make a commitment!

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