8/6/23 The Mission Still Matters

Scripture: Psalm 67
Evangelist: Bro. Ian D. Nickerson, Sr.

  1. We need to help others and ourselves to know who God is so that we can worship him
  2. ​​We must fear (healthy respect) for God
  3. ​​II Kings 2:3
  4. ​​II Timothy 2:1
  5. We must put God first, above all things. Are you built for this?
  6. Luke 9:62
  7. ​​Don’t take your eyes off God or the mission
  8. ​​To God be the glory in the Church
  9. God has ALL authority!
  10. At what point do you tell God you quit?
  11. Keep doing the last thing God told you to do. Do it with all your might because the Mission Still Matters!

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