9/18/22 New Self Confidence

Scripture: Luke 14:25-27
Preacher: Bro. Terry Savoie

  1. You are not here by yourself, and someone took the time to hurt your feelings to help you.
  2. Fear is one reason why we do not trust
  3. When someone is helping you it is not always comfortable.
  4. Focus on being true and not right
  5. Your conversations should be about the church and not you.
  6. The Holy Spirit tells you to bring your painful experiences and changes it into God’s glory.
  7. Be prepared to experience discomfort.
  8. Proverbs 4:7
  9. When you find wisdom trust it.
  10. Proverbs 19:21
  11. Hosea 6:4
  12. 1 John 5:8
  13. We need to be connected to the Holy Spirit.
  14. Listen past our feelings and grow up

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