9/24/23 Your Gift and New Self Confidence

Scripture: Hebrews 10:35; 1 John 5:13-14
Minister Emeritus: Dr. Tony Roach, Sr.

  1. ​​If we ask anything according to God’s will he will hear us, and Satan tries to hijack you.
  2. Satan uses the Old self to get away from your peace and joy.
  3. Your Gift and New Self Confidence
  4. What is your gift?
  5. ​​A-1 Peter 4:10
  6. M-Ephesians 3:7
  7. E-2 Corinthians 7:7
  8. N-Galatians 1:15
  9. ​​2 Timothy 1:6
  10. Proverbs 18:16
  11. Your gift opens doors and makes room for you
  12. 1.Cognitive: Thinking
  13. 2.Communicative: Talking
  14. 3.Coordinative: Touching
  15. Your gift never changes but the season that you use your gift will change.
  16. Gift x Reps = Confidence
  17. ​​Develop new self-confidence by repeating you gift until you master it.
  18. ​​When you use your gift God will put you in contact with the right people, the right opportunity and right career
  19. ​​Confidence without the Holy Spirit is nonsense
  20. Mistakes made when it comes to your gift:
  21. Don’t confuse your “Gift” with your “Talents”
  22. Your “Talents” is what you are good at and your “Gift” is what you are best at!
  23. ​​You have to go on a journey with the Holy Spirit to find your gift.
  24. Talents are plural and your gift is singular
  25. You only have one Gift!
  26. ​​Whatever your gift is satan will try to stop and distract you from it early in your life!
  27. ​​Satan tried to distract Jesus, Moses, and Joseph
  28. ​​Your gift correlates with your New Self Home base
  29. ​​​​Whatever you gift is Satan will try to stop you from fulfilling it!
  30. People will neglect their gift because it is so normalized, take it for granted, ignore it or sabotage it.
  31. ​​Many people are afraid to intentionally seek to find their Gift, because when you find your Gift you will be compelled to fulfill it, and that’s frightening!
  32. ​​Don’t confuse your talents with your ability
  33. Matthew 25:15
  34. Write down 5 things that you are good at
  35. And than ask someone else what they think you are good at
  36. Write one thing you are best at
  37. Choose one career from the following gift careers
  38. Spirit is what you do with your thinking, soul is what you do with your talking and your body is what you do with touching
  39. 5 stations on the gift journey
  40. 1. Gift awakening, 2.gift story, 3. Gift calling, 4. Gift domain, 5. Gift career

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