9/25/22 Ruth: A Story of Family and God’s Faithfulness

Scripture: Ruth 1:1-21
Preacher: Bro. Anthony Williams

  1. Ruth is a story about the power of family and God’s Faithfulness in the midst of tragedy. 
  2. A faithful Israelite family is forced to become refugees so they won’t starve in the HOUSE OF BREAD
  3. Security is a HUGE deal for our nation and our families. God’s people are forced to go to the enemy in search of food and they find Death
  4. Words and Their Story:
    Bethlehem-House of Bread
    Elimelech-My God is King
  5. When Naomi (the pleasant one) returns home, she wants to be known as Mara (BITTER ONE). She believes God has turned against her. “I went out full and the Lord has brought me home empty!
  6. What does faithfulness look like? Ruth 1:16-18
  7. How is God’s faithfulness shown to us? God has chosen to work through people. God takes care of his church through people. God takes care of his children through people. When we say, “God will provide,” He provides through people.
  8. Family-At the root of our commitment to each other, is our commitment to God. It is in the context of family that we have our biggest defeats and our biggest victories. But life is hard! In the midst of our hopelessness, God is there!
  9. If you know the rest of the story, you know that Ruth eventually marries Boaz. The child born to Ruth was named Obed who fathered Jesse. Jesse was to father a son named DAVID from whose lineage came JESUS.
  10. When God is in your corner, it is always to soon to panic! In our darkest moments, God is working on our behalf. When we see no hope, God is preparing a Boaz to step up. We never know which child God will use in incredible ways! In the midst of all you do, be there for family! Many people have not been blessed with a family they can count on, our church, you, and I can be there for them!
  11. The God who calls us is faithful and he will empower us to face whatever challenges may come our way!

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